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One common misconception people have when they get implants is they no longer need to worry about bi-annual visits to their dentist. However, this is not true. Just because a person has an entire set of implants does not mean they could still experience dental problems. In addition, dental implants function much like natural teeth.

As a result, food particles can get stuck in between implants and along the gum line. Similar to natural teeth, it is difficult to remove plaque from hard to reach areas, like in between teeth, even when flossing on a daily basis. The plaque, which is a sticky substance, will eventually harden and become tartar. No amount of brushing or flossing at home will remove tartar from the artificial teeth.

Another problem, which can develop, is gum disease (gingivitis) and periodontal disease. Since the implants function like natural teeth, tartar deposits along the gum line can irritate the gums. The bacteria trapped under the tartar can lead to gum infections, as well as cause the gums to become swollen, sore, or even bleed.

Irritations to the gum tissue causes it to recede and pull away from the base of the dental implants. This will result in a loss of gum tissue mass and increase exposure of the underlying implant structure, namely the titanium post used to secure the implant tooth in place. Additionally, if an infection develops in the gums and is not properly treated, it can spread into the jaw and cause bone density loss, which could potentially cause the titanium post to become loose and the implant to fall out.

Staining on the implants tooth structure could also be a potential problems some people experience without regular dental visits. While there is a protective exterior layer on dental implants, stains from certain types of food and beverages, as well as tobacco products might form over time, causing the implants to become discoloured.

Regular dental visits are essential to keep your dental implants clean and looking great. Your dental hygienist is trained and qualified to clean your implants and remove plaque and tartar. Furthermore, your dentist will inspect the implants to ensure they are secure and not causing you any discomfort or other issues. In the event there are specific problems or issues discovered, your dentist and their team of dental professionals can address these before they become more serious.

As you can see, dental implants need to be cleaned at least twice a year, just like natural teeth, in order to ensure proper dental health. If you have dental implants and have not visited a dentist regularly, contact Dentistry in Waterloo dental clinic at (519) 885-5880 today to schedule a consultation and cleaning appointment.

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