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Dental Care and Oral Health Products

Visit any pharmacy or the health and beauty section of a supermarket today, and you are faced with a large, often confusing, array of over-the-counter remedies and prod_healthdevices designed to help you tend to your hygiene and health-care needs.

There are many high-quality products on the market today, as well as many products of dubious value.

Whatever over-the-counter dental product you buy, it is strongly advised that you ensure it has the Canadian Dental Association’s Seal of Recognition.  The CDA Seal of Recognition is a symbol that identifies products that are of benefit to the oral health consumers.  The seal is designed to help the public and dental professionals make informed choices.

Over-the-counter dental instruments are fraught with danger. These include scaling devices and picks. Use of the products, even when following the instructions, can put your teeth and the soft tissue of your mouth at risk of tearing, bruising and other injury. You also may accidentally chip a tooth.

It is best to consult our office instead of trying to do a repair job yourself.